There is a HUGE difference between mediocre food and wonderful food. It's amazing how much less one wants to eat, and how much slower one tends to eat, when the food is of high quality, properly prepared.

If you can afford nothing else for Valentines Day, try making a dinner reservation at the best restaurant in your area. You may have to think of this days, weeks, or even months in advance, but since Valentines Day is on a Saturday in 2009, you possibly have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night to make appropriate reservations.

Eat gently the day of your Valentines celebration. If you have Valentines Day gifts to present, and they are not too large, you can share them at an exquisite dinner. Ask for a table suitable for the occasion: when you make the reservation, mention that it's a special celebration and you'd like a quiet area of the restaurant with good lighting.

Try varying your regular routine: if you never order alcohol, try a glass of wine. If the appetizers look delectable, consider appetizers and dessert to reduce the stress on your stomach AND your wallet. Try something you never usually order... and ask for the waiter or waitress's recommendation. Remember, you don't have to take it.

Take your time, savor the moment, bask in the luxury of a quality meal at a lovely establishment, and listen to your partner. It could be the best meal you ever shared.


If you just happen to be in Perth this Valentines Day, here's the
delicious menu being served at the Palais 85 Restaurant & Bar:

White Tomato Soup with wild rocket oil and emperor croquette
Pan Seared Quail Breasts with wilted pea leaves, pear salsa and balsamic drizzle
Passionfruit and kaffir lime sorbet
Seared Beef Tenderloin with sauteed prawns, broccolini, carrot potato mash and thyme jus
Valentines Strawberry Shortcake with Decadent Dark Chocolate Mousse

Booking is essential: e-mail
9368 4999