Let's face it, lingerie is best appreciated by adults only.  Though generally directed towards women, there are plenty of options for men as well.  And don't think this is a gift only for young and taut bodies....  lingerie comes in all sizes and shapes, just like we do.

There's a reason why scantily clad bodies are generally deemed sexier than naked bodies...  because they leave just enough to the imagination, where perfection can exist despite the reality.  Make sure your gift of lingerie allows the imagination to run wild... and also try to accentuate the best part of the body on the object of your affection.....  if they're sensitive about a little too much flesh here or there, buy something which will make THEM feel comfortable and sexy and discreetly hide their flaws.  Remember, the more comfortable THEY are, the more comfortable they will be sharing with YOU.

If you buy something they'll never even have the nerve to try on let alone wear for you, your gift will probably end up tucked discreetly in a drawer somewhere never to be enjoyed.   Try a single item  for the shy ones....  a lacy, silky, open-tie bathrobe or a camisole top to wear with their own comfortable bottoms.  Perhaps try a little reciprocal psychological step towards the unexplored....  if you wear THIS, then I'll wear THIS!!!

If all else fails and what you picked out goes unappreciated, then try exploring one of those discreet catalogues together, so that you can both be comfortable and happily (un)dressed for each other.

When you're ready to try out your new purchase, make sure to set the atmosphere:  subdued lighting, soft music, a properly set thermostat, and plenty of time to enjoy the undisturbed moments with the one you love.